Our Message

1. eProducts are what our clients want to buy, yours too most likely and their profits are replacing the losses we've seen for the past 6 years in printed photo products.

2. Making eProducts requires skill in photo, video, audio and graphics that can be a challenge to some. This website reveals many options in learning these skills inside an open and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Hybrid Photography is the skillful blend of photo+video+audio+graphics in order to make a profitable eProduct.

4. Most photographers discover that making profitable eProducts is easier, more efficient and more profitable using a mirrorless camera.  Because of this, you will see only mirrorless cameras under our recommended lists. You are certainly welcome to use whatever camera you like for hybrid, but eventually you will see that mirrorless cameras are actually designed for hybrid.

5. We encourage you to help share your progress into profitable eProducts with us on our LinkedIn page.

Are you Confused about this Hybrid stuff?  


We can help.  There's 2600+ that "get it" and they collect on our LinkedIn page to discuss the details.  And there's 27,000 that visit this site each week just to pick up the tidbits they need.  Try it?

It's a different way of looking at things for sure but please watch this and it will all snap, or should we say "click" all together for you.  ALL OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE HYBRID IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE, let's get you caught up.I know this video is a little long, but please take a look, it's important.